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Gold Fly 5ml

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Effects and properties - Gold Fly 5ml

Contents of the Package

Size of the package 1 sachet (1x5ml)
Drug form Sachet
Amount of active substance 5ml
Onset of effect 20 ‒ 30 minutes


What is Gold Fly 5ml and what it is used for?

Are you searching for a safe and effective product that will help to improve the passionate moments in your relationship? We often encounter products designed for men. We offer you now an aphrodisiac for women, which is popular all over the world. It is Gold Fly Powder, the most powerful aphrodisiac on our market. One sack contains 5ml of this product, which is used just before sexual activity.

Purchasing Spanish Gold Fly is now much easier. You can order it online as well, just connect to the Internet. The great advantage of the product is that it is free from prescription, so you no longer have to waste time in medical offices or trips to pharmacies. You will also be surprised by the great price that makes this aid in every bedroom financially affordable for every couple.


Application of Gold Fly 5ml

In society, we encounter the prejudice only men suffer from potency disorders in terms of sexual problems in a relationship. Experts, however, point out that this is a big mistake. It is often a problem for women to achieve climax. We offer you Gold Fly for such cases. It is a preparation for you to reach enjoyment. 

The aphrodisiac has no odor or color. It is used once in a variety of sexual dysfunctions of women, such as frigidity or poor genital lubrication. These problems can occur for several reasons. They are often associated with aging, but also with health problems. Precisely during a period of transition there are frequent and fundamental changes in the body of women, which also impacts sexual life. The reasons, however, may be psychological, such as loss of self-confidence, insufficient experience or stress.

In order to spice up your relationship, try this revolutionary aphrodisiac.



Gold Fly is among the most powerful aphrodisiacs due to its composition. It contains medicinal herbs, special aphrodisiacs and vitamins for genital organs and the production of adaptogens to alleviate fatigue. You do not have to worry about serious side effects, all of which are accurately described, and before treatment your doctor or the package leaflet can inform you on how to prevent side effects. 


What are the effects of Gold Fly 5ml?

The effect of Spanish fly for women is world-renowned. This type of aphrodisiac is one of the most popular because it is not a preparation for which you need a prescription and special contraindications are not associated to it. Its main role is to cure women’s issues, including poor genital lubrication or frigidity. Thanks to its effects, it can improve blood flow and, therefore, the sensitivity of the genitalia and helps to lubricate it.

After use, you can enjoy long and beautiful erotic moments that you will not want to give up. Increasing the female libido and lust without unnecessary side effects is a dream of every couple that we can now fulfill. 



This type of aphrodisiac has been known to people for over a thousand years. Since then, its production or use has changed. Today, women can rely not only on the healing effects of different plant extracts, but scientific advances include various special substances in the preparations. This, however, means that with these medications to promote pleasure you have to pay attention to their proper use.

Gold Fly is produced as a powder that is applied to the body before sexual activity. Experts recommend using the powder about ten minutes before sex. Just stir it in a drink and swallow. Since it has no taste, you do not have to worry about it being unpleasant for you. Its effect may be impaired by dissolving it in alcohol or boiling water. Be careful about exceeding the maximum daily dose.



Although Spanish Gold Fly does not need a prescription, the correct dosage should be maintained. You should only have one sack of the preparation, containing 10mg of the medication. The effects should appear in ten minutes, so it is to be expected that the appetite for sex and excitement comes almost instantly.

It is not recommended to use the medication just after the meal, it is best to absorb the substance into the blood while fasting. However, it should be added that it is a product made on a natural basis. This means that the dosage may be even lower for some women, and the specific effects may vary. 


For whom are the potency preparations intended?

Do you suffer from a bad sex life in your relationship? You do not have to rely on various exercises or preparations that will not guarantee a quick and good effect. Gradually, however, the pharmaceutical industry has begun to look at women, so their problems regarding loss of sexual libido or frigidity can be dealt with in a truly responsible manner.

This is exactly what you can find at our online store. What women most desire is Gold Fly, through which you can excite a woman within ten minutes. Forget about a boring night without the joy of quality sex. Try our product and make sure that you can experience a beautiful erotic experience at any age. The preparation is also suitable for women who do not want to address their problems publicly or through doctors. Gold Fly can also be purchased online from the comfort of your home or other place where you can connect to the Internet. 


For whom are the potency preparations not intended?

The great advantage of Gold Fly 5ml is that we currently do not know many cases of women who should not use this product. Contraindications are not proven to arise in combination with alcohol. This may reduce the positive effects, delay them or completely ruin them. However, combinations with other preparations containing identical substances are not permitted. This could lead to overdosing or stomach problems. 


Side effects:

After using Gold Fly you should not be afraid of frequent side effects. This is prevented if you do not exceed the maximum daily dose. It is set for one sack for twenty-four hours, or 5ml in one day. Problems may also result from dissolving or consuming alcohol before or after this treatment. Occasionally, some women experience dizziness and fainting. There is sporadic vascular dilation or headache.


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