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Valif Oral Jelly 20mg

Generic Levitra

pieces in the package:7
manufacturer:Ajanta Pharma

Effects and properties - Valif Oral Jelly 20mg

Contents of the Package

Size of the package 7 jellies (7x20mg)
Drug form Jellies
Active substance Vardenafil
Amount of active substance 20mg
Effect duration 4 ‒ 6 hours
Onset of effect 15 minutes
Generic Levitra
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma

↓Frequently Asked Questions↓


What is Valif Oral Jelly and what is it used for?

Valif Oral Jelly is currently one of the most effective means of treating erectile dysfunction. This generic Vardenafil contains 20mg of the active ingredient of the same name, which can produce the expected quality erection. The purchase of Valif Oral Jelly is the most effective way of forgetting the unpleasant experience of impotence. You can most often obtain medication for erectile dysfunction in pharmacies after lengthy visits to doctors. You can purchase prescription-free generic Levitra without these obligations and you can also conveniently order from your home. 


Valif Oral Jelly Application

Men over the age of forty-two must often address the issue of how to improve their sexual performance. Most often they are aware of this problem as impotence. Fortunately, nowadays erectile dysfunction is curable. The best and cheapest way to achieve a long-lasting and quality erection is to get obtain quality pharmaceutical products. Among these experts include Valif Oral Jelly, which will help to speedily improve the sex life of men at all ages. More and more people are suffering from insufficient erections these days. It may be due to a bad lifestyle or the health condition of the population. Thanks to this revolutionary gel, you can again enjoy romantic nights, without the unnecessarily spending a great deal of money.


How does the active substance of Vardenafil work?

Vardenafil is a substance made in laboratories with the aim of curing impotence. It is very similar to Sildenafil, which is used, for example, in Viagra. But the purchase of Vardenafil is much more affordable with us. That is why patients ask for or choose Vardenafil or Sildenafil despite the similar effects of, for example, Valif Oral Jelly. Vardenafil 20mg belongs among special type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors. In medicine they are known to help improve blood flow in everything, even the smallest blood vessels. Thus erections improve even in patients with erectile dysfunction. The duration of Vardenafil is at least six hours; with proper use and the good health or mental condition of the man, the effects may take up to twelve hours, in the reduced form of effects for more than one day.


What are the effects of Valif Oral Jelly?

The effect of Valif Oral Jelly is similar to other gel preparations containing active agents similar to Vardenafil (e.g., Sildenafil). It releases nitric oxide and enlarges the blood vessels. This will increase blood flow to the penis and lead to an erection. The effects can be felt by the patient for several hours. The half-life is twelve hours. Vardenafil may be retained in the body and may appear up to thirty-five hours in the form of mild effects. The effects of the medication may be reduced when used in combination with alcohol or foods high in fat content.



If you are not sure about the proper use of Valif Oral Jelly, visit your doctor, who will instruct you about the course of treatment or provide you with all tips for use. If you want to save time and discussions about erectile dysfunction and you are uncomfortable even with an expert, we have prepared a package leaflet for you in each package. You will read, among other things, how many times in a row or how often to take the medication, if appropriate before or after a meal. Proper use is important so that treatment course is according to your idea. This gel form is revolutionary, in that you no longer need to take large tablets. So it is also suitable for patients who are experiencing problems with taking medication in pill form.



The Valif Oral Jelly dosage is professionally described on the package leaflet available in each Valif Oral Jelly pack. The recommended daily dosage is one gel bag a day. The amount of the recommended dose may vary according to the health or age of the patient. So it is necessary to often start only with a half-dose. It is necessary to take great care with the Vardenafil dosage. If you take too much medication (most often patients try applying 2 gels at once) an overdose may occur, possibly causing adverse effects. 


For whom are the potency preparations are suitable?

Thanks to active ingredients like Sildenafil and Vardenafil, the treatment of erectile dysfunction is easier and cheaper than it used to be in the past. Every man suffering from erectile dysfunction may use Valif Oral Jelly if their health allows or if he has reached the age of eighteen. So it is very important that you read the package leaflet or that you are informed about the possibility of this treatment with your doctor. Erectile dysfunction may appear as the accompanying manifestation of various diseases or psychological problems. Frequent fatigue or stress is also a frequent trigger. Our gel preparation can precisely help with these problems, which is suitable due to its shape and ease of application even for patients who are not willing to use tablets or other forms of preparations.


For whom are the potency preparations not intended?

To avoid unpleasant contraindications or other health problems associated with the treatment of erectile dysfunction with Valif Oral Jelly, you should make sure that these medications are suitable for you in general. Problems may occur, for example, in combination with other medication. Here we include agents for the treatment of angina pectoris or those containing the same active ingredient or Sildenafil. Do not combine the treatment with pharmaceutical agents that can release nitric oxide in the body or contain special nitrates. If you have further questions and you do not know if you can continue treatment, contact your doctor. Treatment is not suitable for men who have suffered a stroke or heart attack in recent months, or are more likely to suffer from more severe problems with blood pressure, the heart, blood clotting, liver or kidney problems. Not suitable for people who have not reached adulthood. Vardenafil has no affect on problems with women’s loss of libido. The expected effects are not reached without sufficient sexual stimulation.


Side effects:

The side effects of Vardenafil include:

  • allergic reactions
  • eye swelling
  • facial flushing
  • skin itching
  • headaches
  • pain in muscles and eyes
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • digestive problems or decreased visual quality

The side Effects Valif Oral Jelly appear only when the medication is not properly administered and very sporadically. The has also been confirmed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you are not able to get rid of the undesirable effects of the treatment, please see your doctor. Observe the maximum daily dose of 20mg of the active ingredient or one gel bag per day.


Frequently Asked Questions


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