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Vilitra 20mg

Generic Levitra

pieces in the package:10

Effects and properties - Vilitra 20mg

Contents of the Package

Size of the package 10 tablets (10x20mg)
Drug form Tablets
Active substance Vardenafil
Amount of active substance 20mg
Effect duration up to 12 hours
Onset of effect 20 minutes
Generic Levitra
Manufacturer Centurion

↓Frequently Asked Questions↓


What is Vilitra and what is it used for?

Do you belong among men who need help in achieving a quality erection? The best path to improve your sex life is through the best pharmaceutical products you do not need to spend a lot of money on. Vilitra 20 mg Vardenafil is new on the market (the active substance contained in the medication). It is generic Levitra 20mg. This means you can expect the same effects like with the original product, but at a much more favorable price and, in addition, without the need for a prescription. The purchase of Levitra 20mg is associated with a doctor’s visit, which you avoid with our product. By using this medication, a man can achieve an erection even in spite of age or erectile dysfunction. Suitable only for people aged 18 or over.


Application of Vilitra 20mg

Almost every seventh man in the world faces problems with achieving a quality erection. How does impotence come about? The factors behind this unpleasant situation can be many. Precisely nowadays, psychological factors that often manifest due to overwork or a bad lifestyle have a very negative effect on sexual performance. People forget about the importance of active movement, quality sleep, and eating right. However, these are not all negative assumptions and triggers. Erectile dysfunction or an inadequate erection is the accompanying phenomenon of multiple diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and others. Impotence from cycling may manifest itself in athletes, both top-level and recreational. To help you quickly and safely solve these problems, we recommend the Vilitra medication containing the active ingredient suitable for these cases. Now you can just import Vardenafil without a prescription also in Germany.


Vardenafil 20 mg

What is the magic of this active ingredient? The effect of Vardenafil is similar to the more familiar Sidenafil, which we find, for example, in Viagra. Its role is to expand the blood vessels and increase blood flow to the genitals. This results in an erection and a higher sensitivity of the penis. Clogged vessels trigger impotence and prevent the achievement of a sufficiently hard and long-lasting erection. This component is also approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. This guarantees its functionality and accurately identifies possible accompanying health complications. All necessary information about this substance is available from your pharmacist or you can read them on the package leaflet included in each product packaging. In order for the component to be sufficiently effective, all instructions for the correct course of treatment should be followed.


What are the effects of Sildaforce 100mg?

Vilitra is generic Levitra. This medication has a similar effect to Viagra. The duration of Vardenafil, the active substance found within, is almost identical to that of Sildenafil. This is among the type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors. The entire functionality of the medications contained within is put together to improve the vascular expansion of the vessels. This increases blood flow to the penis if sexual excitement occurs. It is important to know that this component only helps to achieve an erection if there is sufficient sexual stimulation. It is not a hormonal preparation or an aphrodisiac. Therefore, it is only suitable for men who experience negative symptoms of impotence.



In order to achieve an expected and quality erection, it is necessary for the customer to learn about proper use of Vardenafil tablets 20mg. Vilitra has a specific use, as is the case with most erectile dysfunction products. Since they are pills, their use is oral. Just wash them down with a glass of water. Their shape and composition makes it easy for patients who otherwise have difficulty swallowing large tablets for whom it is unpleasant and so do not address impotence in time or at all. Proper timing and the avoidance of contraindications is the best way to improve your sexual life even in the case of erectile dysfunction or older age. 



A Vilitra dosage may be different for each man. It is often influenced by the patient’s health, age or stage of impotence. Your doctor will best advice you on the proper dose of Vardenafil, who can clearly identify the causes of an inadequate erection or possible side effects. In general, however, it is recommended to take one tablet for about an hour or a half hour before sex. The positive effects of the active substance usually occur just after thirty minutes. A pleasant warmth in the penis or the activation of all erogenous zones manifest themselves. However, this is on the condition of proper sexual stimulation, which may even be the soft touch of a partner. Beware of exceeding the maximum daily dose, which may result in an overdose or unpleasant side effects. If you are one of the older age groups (usually men over seventy years old) or your first experience with a similar type of medication, start with a half dose. Any exceeding of the recommended daily dose should be consulted with a pharmacist.


For whom are the potency preparations intended?

It rarely happens that a person suddenly becomes impotent. This deterioration in sexual performance occurs gradually and may have multiple triggers. Therefore, it is important that you first find out the cause of an inadequate erection and then look for a way to get it. If it is a problem involving men of higher age or even an erectile dysfunction (the absence of an erection due to insufficient blood flow to the vessels in the penis), it is possible to solve the situation even now without unpleasant surgical procedures or poor quality and often expensive procedures and medications. Here you should choose the course of treatment with Vilitra, which contains the active substance Vardenafil. It is suitable for couples who are trying to spice up their bedroom activities. Just follow the guidelines for proper use, avoid contraindications and perform enough sexual stimulation. The purchase of our products is only suitable for adults. Due to the fact that they are no longer bound by a medical prescription, customers for whom it’s not pleasant to visit a doctor’s office or buy in a pharmacies will come to these products. All of our medications are now available online as well and will be delivered directly to your hands in discreet packaging.


For whom are the potency preparations not intended?

Contraindications at Vilitra are clearly evidenced and documented. This is one of the greatest benefits of this product, since you can easily avoid contraindications. The most well known are combinations with other medicines or alcoholic beverages. 

The medication should not be used if:

  • you have severe liver or heart disease
  • you suffer from rare eye diseases, particularly retinitis pigmentosa
  • if you have ever suffered from loss of vision due to NAION
  • if you have had a heart attack, stroke or low blood pressure in the last six months
  • if you are taking nitrates (combination with these medicines may reduce your blood pressure) - they are often used in heart angina
  • if you are taking nitric oxide donors (similar to nitrate), which is the case with different aphrodisiacs 
  • if you have allergic symptoms to Vardenafil or Sildenafil or other substances that are present in the product

Visit your doctor in case of:

  • if your vision worsens
  • if a gastric ulcer has been discovered during treatment
  • if you have Peyronie’s disease or a genital mutilation
  • if you experience painful symptoms of an erection or it lasts longer than four hours
  • if you have any heart problems
  • if you are using other medications containing PDE


Side effects:

Even in this case, we cannot talk about a medication in which no accompanying health side effects have been discovered. However, it has to be said that the side effects of Vilitra appear only sporadically (especially in the case of poor dosage and use) and in mild symptoms. Side effects include: headaches, change in color vision, blurred vision, decreased visual acuity, dizziness, nausea, eye bleeding and redness, skin rash, irregular pulse, penile bleeding, blood in urine, muscle pain, drowsiness, decreased sensitivity to touch, vomiting, sore throat, dry mouth, itchy skin. Very rare side effects (1 to 10 out of 10,000 patients): sudden or gradual loss of hearing, nose bleeds, low or high blood pressure, fainting, stroke or heart attack. If you get any of these symptoms, or you cannot get rid of them after the end of treatment, see your doctor.


Frequently Asked Questions


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