What are generic drugs and why are they cheaper than the original?

Generic drugs are substitutes for expensive tablets to treat erectile dysfunction. You certainly have noticed this "generic boom" and asked why generics are also cheap. Companies producing expensive Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Spedra had to invest in the development of active substances.

They have been asking for money back from you already for several years in the form of a high price for popular color pills. Pharmaceutical companies generating generic drugs do not have to invest in active substances. Due to expiration of the patent, they can use the active substances that have already been developed. This offers you the ability to address erectile dysfunction with tablets with the same content - at a lower price.

Generics – a cheaper and more affordable alternative of the original

Generic drugs contain an active drug substance that is the same as in the reference drug. The generic drug is a bioequivalent (the time course of blood levels in the original and its equivalence is the same), consistent with effectiveness, safety and quality standards. Generic drugs are approved on the basis of the same standards; they may vary in the content of inactive substances (dyes, sugar) and in the visual design. Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? Address it immediately, without an unnecessarily high investment.

Generic drugs are considerably cheaper than their original variants. The companies producing them are not obliged to perform lengthy and especially costly toxicological and clinical studies that have been conducted in the development of the active ingredients in the original. By saving development costs, generic companies can provide alternative tablet replacements at much more suitable prices, with the same clinical effect.

Forget about erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and address these issues with tablets that may cost you four times the price of generic drugs.